Deepology is giving away free stuff.
We know that we would be pretty much nothing without you our listeners and people who support us. We wanted to give something back in return and teamed up with Proton the station which shares our passion for good music, views on the industry and the directions we are moving in. As a result we are giving away 2 absolutely official mixed releases which reflect our earlier Deepology vibes. Share them with your friends, listen in your car, annoy the neighbors, do whatever you want if it makes you happy.

Spread the love, Deepology.

Download Now, Free! (MP3 192Kbit x 2CD)

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CD1 Mixed & Compiled by Dj One
01. Seva K - Vignette
02. Sebastian Davidson - Great Taste Zero Sugar (Seva K's Sweetened Remix)
03. DJ Electric - Circle Of A Square (Original Mix)
04. Furdak & Inside - Talk To Me
05. Seva K - Zero Gravity (Jon Silva's Orbit Funk Mix)
06. Acos CoolKAs feat. Metropoliz - Miracle (Instrumental Version)]
07. Seva K - Youth (Happy Youth Mix)
08. DJ Electric - Synthetic Perfume (Original Mix)
09. Andrey Loud - No Smell (Original Mix)
10. Skazkin - Only Human

CD2 Mixed & Compiled by Dj Electric
01. Daclip - Vanity (Original Mix)
02. Acos CoolKAs feat Metropoliz - Miracle (Dima Promo & Elastic Sound Remix)
03. Seva K - The Jungle Of Music (Original Mix)
04. Sebastian Davidson - California Soup (Original Mix)
05. Elastic Sound - Dark Side Of The Soul
06. Serge Flibustier - Nowhere (Dorohov Remix)
07. Seva K - Far Away (Original Mix)
08. Aqualang & Divan Kablukov - White Feet - Black African Girl (Original Mix)
09. Elastic Sound - Moscow After Autumn Rain
10. Aqualang - Vitamin C